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Gay Love Stories

Please enjoy the following links to what I consider very well-written and poignant stories of gay love and friendship. If you find such ideas offensive, feel free to leave theDreamworld, but I encourage you to to stay and try to understand.

Nifty Stories Archive
The long-standing, definitive collection of stories involving sex and love and every possible variation of the two. Something for everyone.

Nick Archer tells great stories of love and relationships, notably 'Paternal Instincts,' the sequel 'Family Instincts,' and the sequel to that, 'Thicker Than Water.' Nick has a few other stories and a large number of stories by a number of other authors, including great serialized stories by Keith Morissette and others. New chapters have been infrequent, but Nick hasn't given up yet.

Billy Bunny
Biting, honest commentaries and stories from the most real person I have seen on the Web. Mike's (aka Billy Bunny's) stories are rarely added to, but it is always fun just to keep up with Mike's Blogs and Rants. As an added bonus, site layout is very cool.

Bleeding Hearts
This site contains Josh Aterovis' great murder mystery/gay love stories, 'Bleeding Hearts,' its sequel 'Reap the Whirlwind,' the follow-up 'All Lost Things,' another sequel, 'The Truth of Yesterday,' and the latest story in the series, 'A Change of Worlds.' The characters are well developed and the author knows how to spin a good mystery. Updates are very regular.

Carrots and Celery
Karla Schultz spins a great continuing series about two soulmates who find each other at a very young age and learn to face life and love together throughout their lives, complicated as that may be. The main story has recently been completed, but Karla is adding "Appendices" now and again.

Comicality's Shack Out Back
Comicality is the grand-master of gay love stories. His stories are realistic, touching, and engrossing. And WOW, is he prolific! You could easily read for days and still not read everything. Be sure to poke around the whole site - you might learn something. Be sure to read 'New Kid in School,' a masterpiece of gay writing about relationships, love, and trust. Updates tend to be infrequent, but the wait is always worth it.

Great stories 'Wherever You Will Go' and 'Stigmatized' by CRVBOY are only part of the great reading here. The works of many other authors, notably Brew Maxwell's interconnected 'Foley-Mashburn' serieses and Sara Bell's two linked stories, are all upbeat tales with a focus on caring and relationships.

daBeagle's Doghouse
Dave "daBeagle" offers a number of very different stories: 'Life in a Northern Town,' 'Through Time,' 'Begin Anew,' and 'A Different Class,' among others. Also read 'Turnabout' by Chris, provided here complete with all chapters, and read 'Shadow People' and 'Searching for Christolph' by Jason Locke as well as the 'What We Are' serieses by Richie Ryan - they rock! daBeagle also offers stories by a few others. Updates have become less frequent, but new stories continue to be posted.

Dewey's Place
'For the Love of Pete' and its sequel, 'Brian and Pete,' contain incredible presentations of the emotions and reactions of its characters that are phenomenally realistic and are very reminiscent of my own life. A must read, updates have been spaced apart a bit but worth waiting.

Dom Luka
Dom Luka's stories are my greatest recent pleasure. Dom has a number of continuing stories that he updates regularly, and they are all terrific - well written, compelling, and eagerly anticipated. "The Log Way," "The Ordinary Us," and "Desert Dropping" are all some of the best gay stories on the net and well worth adding to your bookmarks.

Drake Tales
Drake enjoyed Dewey's 'For the Love of Pete' and 'Brian and Pete' stories, and he was so inspired, that he decided to make a spinoff with a couple of secondary characters. The tremendous result is 'Finding His Own' and the sequel, 'A Place to Live.' Other shorter stories, including 'The Last Word,' share the same extensive characterization and personal psychological development of all of Drake's stories that we've seen so far.

I used to read the stories posted by Driver at Nifty and daBeagle, and I was simply in awe. Driver had an ability to tell a tale and to seem to be speaking right to me and my needs. When his stories we removed completely from the net, I was devestated, but his friends have convinced him to post his stories again, this time on a site made just for his works. 'The Quarry' and the related stories that surround it were my favorites long ago, but 'Plan A' and its continuations have lately taken a strong place in my heart.

Frank Aiden Ryan
The first gay love story I read and followed on the web, years ago, was Frank's "First Impressions." The story itself, while containing a number of chapters, is still incomplete but well worth reading. It's a great story of friendship, love, and strength.

Ice Zone
Great stories by Jalakai like 'Untitled' and 'The Boy in Your Dreams' as well as 'Dave's Gift' and 'Saving Donny' await you. Chapters tend to be a bit short and updates have come to a grinding halt, however the stories are worth a look.

IOMFATS's Stories
This site contains the stories of It's Only Me From Across The Sea as well as the stories of nearly two dozen other authors. The site is full of resources and info as well as a huge list of stories. There is plenty here to keep you occupied.

Julien Gregg
Julien has been writing for a while, but I only recently started reading his works. It's a shame I hadn't been reading these stories before - they're full of depth and emotional realism, and I eagerly await every new chapter. "Storyville" is complete and it's spinoff "Dustin" is nearly complete. "Storyville 2" is in the works, and there are more stories even beyond those. Updates come about once or twice a month.

Lonely Ocean
A great completed multi-chapter story, 'Just Don't Think I'm Not,' is well worth reading. Various poems, short stories, and writings about the author's life experiences also fill the site. The story, 'Geoff' is superb. Gabriel has recently been posting new poems and writings fairly regularly, and his new work is exceptional.

Roman Genesis
'Survivor,' 'The Dreamer,' and 'Earth, As It Is in Heaven' are the available stories. After a significant absence, Roman started the sequel to 'The Dreamer' and 'Earth, As It Is in Heaven,' called 'Earth: the Final Tomorrow.' Updates have stopped, but the completed writing is well worth reading.

the Sanitorium
The padded cell of Chyp Dyp and his two great stories: 'Misery' and 'Judgement Error' (both of which are complete). A number of good short stories are also available. Be sure to surf the whole site - it's great stuff! Chyp states that he is working on a new story that will eventually be posted, but these current stories alone are worth the visit.

'Storm Front' is far and beyond the best story of relationships, friendship, and love that I have yet read. You will find yourself alternately feeling sad, angry, happy, confused, or frustrated with the characters because they will seem so real that they will draw you into the story as if you were an actual bystander. New chapters are coming quite regularly, and Ty is clearly back and inspired. This is unquestionably a must-read. Cool site design as well.

Specific Nifty Story Recommendations
Daunted by the volume of stories in the Nifty Archive? Have no idea where to start? Wonder what might be good? Try these links to some of my favorite stories.


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