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...... in tribute to the events of September 11th, 2001 .....


There and gone –
Slender twins by the water, now ghosts of empty air.
Lost but never fading –
Burned images on my retinas:
ashes to ashes, down from the heavens – dust upon dust upon dust upon dust –
crashing, shifting, crumbling, falling – clouds and confetti; souls and dreams –
candles extinguished by powers unseen.

Darkness falls heavily –
Obscuring all reason.
Search for answers –
Emotion blinds sense:
no rest in your peace – no peace in our rest –
no sense in their action – no action makes sense –
hate supports hate – ignorance breeds division – brother kills brother –
and the terror rolls on

Still your outrage, O vengeful masses –
Lift as in song those purest dreams:
Ghandi, King, Lennon – our masters of verse.
Sing, and sing again; Sing loud and sing strong –

Sing for the masses – the lost, tired, and fearful;
Sing for the planet – the one binding homeland;
Sing for salvation – the need of all brothers;
Live for our Dreamworld – the hope for our future.


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Aftermath, by Paul Cales, © September 2001