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the Rebirth of a Failure



Dark blackness.

A noiseless void.

No joy…
No pain…
No life…
No love…

But many memories…

In death, there can only be hell –
Bad memories bring pain to the mind,
Good memories bring more – loss, absence,…


But there is no light…
No life…


But light means life –
Death cannot be cheated –

Or can it?

The unicorn smiles as its companion opens his eyes.
The newly awoken unicorn bolts – filled with fear:
fear of death…
fear of life…
fear of love…

"I can’t afford to lose you," says the unicorn.

The other unicorn, still bleary-eyed, feels the truth of these words – but fears yet remain.

"I love you still," he says, "and always will."

"Then don’t leave me again," the unicorn pleads.

Days pass.
Love returns to the unicorns,
But it will never be pure again – the fear in both
is too all-pervasive –

And the irony is that they both realize
that destiny had planned for them to always
be the only true loves of one another – yet
they both knew they could not last together –
for destiny had plans in that respect as well …

For the time, they realize the splendour –
they love –
even while they fear.

And so great is his love for the unicorn
that the fear grows –

He fears to hurt him,
to lose him

So rather than hurt his love,
he hurts himself –
he breaks their oneness –

He leaves their love for love’s sake –
And he curses his soul to living hell:

To never love again; and to never be loved again.


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the Rebirth of a Failure, by Paul Cales, © 1985