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Assorted Fun

Visit these great sites for interesting, fun, and amusing sites that defy categorization.


Send animated greeting cards, play games, watch videos, see a short animated series, catch hip reviews, find great jokes, and still have all sorts of stuff left that you can do. There is never an end to fun on this site.

The Onion
Considering it's so hard to find truth in news articles anywhere anymore, why not enjoy twisted half-truths and wholesale fabrications that are designed simply for a good laugh. For years this mock-news source has been a great way to laugh at the world around us, whether regarding politics, religion, the environment, or any of a number of areas.

The Simpsons
Official home for the postmodern comedy animation series. All sorts of fun awaits you in virtual Springfield. Don't miss out.

TFN Fan Films
These aren't just home-made movies, they're incredible, sophisticated films. Watch 'Troops' and other films that spoof or stand as supplements to the Star Wars series of movies. A must-see for sci-fi fans.

Wil Wheaton Dot Net
Yes, THAT Wil Wheaton. From Stand By Me, and Wesley Crusher from Star Trek:TNG. He lives, he laughs, he has a great blog with amusing, cynical, and intelligent comments on his life. Always a fun read.


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