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Music Interests

Follow these links to learn about my favorite muscial groups and musical organizations.


Moby Online
The grandmaster of techno, rave, and ambient music, Moby is irrepresible and unequalled in talent. Wildly expressive music that is written, performed, and mixed by Moby alone - simply musical perfection.

Official Queen Home Page
Flamboyant, powerful, and harmonic, Queen brought all genres of music into a pop forum within their albums. Whether a rock anthem, a love ballad, a rock opera, or a ragtime romp, Queen's songs had something for everyone and embodied the best all-around musical talents ever seen.

Official Yes Home Page
Unfortunately their website is incredibly boring, but Yes has been one of my favorite bands for years. Sonorous, inspired music and lyrics from this group have helped me through my best and worst times.


Bands of America
The national competitive organization of marching bands holds events throughout the summer across the country with the most talented young musicians in the country. Learn about the group and see when a performance will be near you.

Drum Corps International
Similar to Bands of America but infinitely superior, DCI is only percussion and brass instruments (no woodwinds) on the field in intricate performances. The power and perfection of these groups is awe-inspiring, and the music will leave you speechless.


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