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Computer Interests

Surf through these links to learn industry rumors, see great new gadgets, and view the best games available.


Apple Computer
The best computer, MP3 player, and OS on the planet. If you don't know about Apple, check out their cool products and reliable OS. Also a cool site simply to view Quicktime trailers for upcoming movies.

The web site for the CD for the magazine that is the uninhibited, all-encompassing place for everyone devoted to the Mac who wants to learn more and have fun doing it. Mac news, new downloads, reviews, and amusing outlooks are all here for free.

Mac Central
Combining MacWorld, MacNews, and MacWeek into one central online source for news, updates, and reviews. A solid source for info, it provides a quick look at all of the major issues and updates in the Mac community.

Mac OS Rumors
The long-standing underground source for Apple industry news and rumors, these guys have very reliable sources that will clue you in on the latest and greatest developments regarding Apple and the surrounding Apple community.


Ambrosia Software
Taking your old favorites from the arcade and bringing them back in new and improved fashion to the Mac, Ambrosia games are must-haves for anyone with a love of gaming. The games are all shareware at reasonable fees.

Bioware Corp
With a catalog of games including MDK, the Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, this group produces games with long, non-repetitive, challenging, fun play. I wait anxiously for sequels of every one of their games or even for something completely new to roll out of their studios. Lose yourself in one of their games for a few weeks and you'll see why I'm so impressed.

Blizzard Entertainment
Makers of strategy/adventure games Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft (in all of their incarnations, versions, and supplements), Blizzard sets standards for long-play, fun gaming in a variety of genres (horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, respectively). Cool, cool games.


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