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The Fool of All Eternity


In days of old, your strength proved might,
But now a love will be the light,

To show the way to painless life,
And to avoid Death’s blood-stained knife.

With strength from love must you succeed,
Or Depression soon will plant its seed, 

Which grows into a cruel torment,
Your powers, soon, against it bent. 

Your powers almighty soon will fail,
Unless with love away you sail, 

Through love with power so supreme,
That death be dead you soon will deem. 

But falter not to face the last,
Or you shall end with mind aghast, 

At strength and might and majesty,
Which love will give you if you see, 

The pain which can result from loss,
That you must conquer and be boss. 

Through only love will you succeed,
And that you must or Death will feed,

Upon your heart and mind and soul,
Thus into battle you will roll. 

By rolling you will reach the pit,
While watching, waiting Death will sit,

And bind your soul unto his will,
So that with darkness he may fill, 

Your love for life and love and joy,
And with his might make you his toy, 

To wreak Depression ere you go;
To show Despair to those you know; 

So in conclusion you will be,
The fool of all eternity.


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The Fool of All Eternity, by Paul Cales, © 1979