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divider May 3, 2018

Well ....

I didn't expect I'd go this long without making a Jounral entry, but I shouldn't be surprised. Like the previous year, this tax season (just finished) has me working every day of the week from open to close pretty much every day for the whole sixteen weeks. It paid off this year - I made more than last year (which is good since I ran out of money at the end of last year). I built up my number of returns completed to 580 and the finished/paid returns to 555. Not bad. I wanted more, but things were complicated, and I couldn't leave my one store as I had originally expected, so I could only drw clients from that office. Still, I'm pleased.

As luck would have it, within a couple days of the tax season ending, my iMc broke down and left me puzzled as to what specifically was wrong. After a lot of work on my own I took it to the Apple store where I baffled two Mac Geniuses, then went back to my aprtment and tred a couple of suggested possibilities, neither of which worked. Since this iMac is a 2009, it is past Apple's repair life of 5-7 years and has had no replacement parts produced for about five years, so Apple wouldn't send it in to the factory for repair. I ended up going to an approved but separate repair shop that's been around Toledo for years, the MacCafe, and they took it in, calling me a few days later to tell me the video card had died (which surprised the tech there also because of the symptoms).Unfortunately this model of iMac has a history of video card problems (I have already replaced two in it during it's life) and the market is just out of them (short of used video cards on eBay that have no guarantee). So, despite not wanting to, I did some research and eventually ordered a new iMac (which would take two weeks to arrive (still over a wek left), and sucked up a good chunk of the money I made during tax season. : (

About the same time, I developed a cold. I avoided a cold all tax season despite large numbers of clients and every coworker having a cold (or two) during the tax season. I was aggrressive with caring for the cold, and I think today I can finally say it is about done. I had to cut back on some plans for cleaning and such to stay in bed and rest, but I think it was better to get rid o the cold as I'd sen it linger for weeks in others.

Over the last thre days (today included) I have cleaned my car inside and out and had it services; cleaned my apartmet top to bottom and did some repairs; and washed, dried, folded and ironed four overfull loads of wash to get me up to sepped on laundry. This is the first the car has been cleaned sionce before Thanksgiving and the first the apartmet has been cleaned since before Christmas, so it has been a major undertaking but shows a huge difference to the positive now that it's done. I've also been running many errands and getting a whole bunch of little tasks and projects done, so the past two weeks, even with a cold to get over and a computer to ponder, I have gotten a great deal done and now can focus on looking for a job and reading - !!! reading !!! I really look forward to the reading.

Other than that, I've had no time for anything else as I've gotten up at 5:30 or 6:30 each morning to get ready and go to wrok, and then tried to leave the office as soon after 9pm as possible and clean up and wind down to be asleep by 10:30pm - every day. The last two weeks were a little more forgiving, but I've ben constantly busy with all that I've has to do, even when trying to rest in bed to beat the cold. No I can spend a few hours each day to read, and it looks like an awesome thing! So that's the fascinating addition to my social life. For those of you that know me, this will come as little surprise.

Anyhow, I am more free to post Journal entries here now that tax season has passed, but don't expect anything. I really want to post only if there's something relevant to mention, and with the way thiings go with me anymore, moments like that are few and far between. See ya.

Posted at 1:14 PM


divider December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas to all!

Posted at 7:36 AM


divider November 30, 2017

I am back from my first break in posting in seventeen years. I was visiting my parents in Florida, and my laptop broke down leaving me no way to write and post Journal entries. Today I was lucky and Apple was able to make repairs in store within an hour.

With this break from seventeen years of daily entires, though, i have come face to face with the fact that I haven't been doing well enough here. I post every day but with nothing of consequence. This is due to a disappointing and frustrating life in the real world, and you deserve better. So I think - after a few years of consdering it but always waiting - I will now stop daily posting. I'm not going to set any anticipated posting schedule because I want posts to be worth writing and worth reading. I will post, but probably not very often to start as I am still in a pretty bad place and just don't have it in me ... but I will be back with things now and then.

Thank you for visiting here and reading. I wish I could have had more for you - and I hope that someday soon I will have more - but for now this is as good as it gets.

Posted at 3:13 PM


divider November 21, 2017

Snow. Too soon..

Posted at 7:37 AM


divider November 20, 2017

More of the same.

Posted at 7:36 AM


divider November 19, 2017

Tired still.

Posted at 7:49 AM


divider November 18, 2017

The grind returns ...

Posted at 7:42 AM



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